Lavender Fields in South France



This summer is really something. Lots of traveling, meeting new people, spending time with family, and the highlight spot South France! Ingrida and I decided to spend few days in a small beautiful village in South France where Young Living grows plants for essential oils and distillates them at the modern distillery just directly in front of the fields. That was a great experience to see how Young Living company is creating a unique environment for the plants and turning them to our precious therapeutic essential oils. Oh, I could brag here for hours about the deep violet colour of lavender fields, golden yellow Einkorn, clary sage, thyme and oregano! Blue sky, wonderful weather and lavender everywhere you look.

As a registered member of Young Living everyone has a chance to visit Young Living farms in France or Croatia. All you have to do is contact a member who helped you to register and they will provide you with information about upcoming group visits to Young Living plant farms.


In my next post I will tell you the story about 3 different types of Lavender and what Young Living has to do with saving the old sorts seeds of Lavender in France. For now, I just wanted to share a few impressions and pictures before I will start to explain about plants, distillery working process, and how these amazing nature gifts slowly travel to a small 15 or 5 ml bottles that fits even in a smallest purse!

Stay cool and breath in some Lavender😊


3 Basic rules for stressful days

Dealing with stress can be really exhausting. In times when everyone understands stress as a normal reaction in everyday life it is very important to care about yourself and to find balance. I will be honest with you, last few months were pretty stressful for me because I wrote my bachelor thesis and had a lot of projects to deal with. Writing at night, having 16-hour day regime and dealing with deadlines was not very easy. But I want to share with you 3 major rules which helped me to harmonise my daily routine and to find motivation. All these rules are connected to the use of essential oils and are nothing new. Everyone knows them but sometimes we step away from basics  and push us over the limit.


So, how do we find time to integrate some time for ourselves, when there is no time for anything else except work and planning? Disciplined planning for week is crucial but doesn’t work in real life every time. Sometimes you switch things, sometimes give some spontaneous decisions and sometimes you work twice as hard on the next day and relax the day before.  

Rule No. 1. Morning shower routine. If you have a hard day coming take 15 min. extra for a shower routine with essential oils to prepare your body and brain for long hours of work. Take a small towel, put 3-5 drops of essential oil on it and lay the towel in to the bath or on the ground under the shower stream. I normally use Peppermint, Orange or Rosemary to wake me up. Warm water streaming on the towel while you shower will create a steam filled with essential oils and give you an amazing sauna moment which lifts you up. After warm shower use your favourite and skin friendly essential oil or blend and massage it to a wet skin. I mostly use Lavender, Grapefruit, Lemon or R.C.. Let your body dry naturally. Use some essential oils with your face cream or serum. Just put 1 or 2 drops of Frankincense, Lavender, Peace and Calming or Tea Tree for a full support of facial skin. Rub few drops of Thieves, En-R-Gee or Peppermint (depending on what is important for you) on to your soles and you are good to go.  

Rule No. 2. find some time for sport. Without physical activities your brain will work slower, and you will fight stress much harder. Sometimes a fast walk outside no matter what the weather is can bring you much more productivity as extra few hours planed. I do jogging, cycling and if it’s too cold I go for a longer session to the gym. I always put Eucalyptus, R.C. or Endoflex on my upper body and the back before my workouts to have a refreshing kick through the sense of smell and light cooling effect on my skin later when the sweat comes out. I use a DIY spray (100ml water+8 drops of lavender and R.C.) afterwards to help me cool down faster. I must say R.C. blend is my favourite for every sport activity. R.C. contains Eucalyptus globulus leaf oil, myrtus communis oil, pinus sylvestris (pine) leaf oil, origanum majorana (marjoram) leaf oil, eucalyptus radiata leaf oil, eucalyptus citriodora leaf oil, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil, cupressus sempervirens oil, tsuga canadensis leaf oil, and mentha piperita (peppermint) oil. personalized-spa-kit-for-mom-essential-oil-blends-to-de-stress-naturally

Rule No. 3. create a healthy sleep environment. If you are a bath person it’s a great idea to use essential oils for your bath ceremony evenings, just don’t forget to mix the oils with salt before you put them in to the water. Use only those essential oils with relaxing and calming abilities in the evening. These are Lavender, Ylang-Ylang, Peace and Calming, Chamomile, Clary Sage, Pine, Cedarwood etc. After a bath relax yourself through massage. Take a mixture of any basic oil like coconut or almond with essential oil of your choice. Get enough fresh air into the bed room. Use a diffuser with Thyme, Sage or Lavender essential oils for 1 hour before you go to sleep in your bed room. A drop of Lavender or Stress away massaged in to your forehead will make the effect even stronger. Giving yourself a foot massage. It is a great opportunity to deal with tired feat and to support the main points and nerves with essential oils. I usually use a mix of Clove, Lemon or Rosemary, Wintergreen for this.

stress away yl essential oil

I think you understand that I just gave you an advice to take about 2 hours per day which would be only for you doing kind of basic things. If you like longer workouts it would be 3 hours. I integrate essential oils for these rituals much more often when I have lots of work and it always helps me to go through longer periods of time. I couldn’t imagine how I would deal with stress without them. It makes a huge difference and your body reacts to the effects very fast and well. I hope this was helpful and you can try some of these rituals in your daily life. These are only the basic things. I use essential oils every day in different combinations, but these 3 basic rituals always find place in my busy calendar. So let’s resume once more:1) take time and attention to your body when starting the day, 2) support physical activity with essential oils for a refreshing and cooling effects, 3) take time for your body and mind in the evening and prepare a sensual relaxing environment for your sleep.

I hope you enjoyed this article. You can contact me for any questions and support under this link:


Why choose essential oils

I thought this post should be a small back in, because of very silent few months on our blog. So I have decided to put a simple list to resume reasonable, logical and fun facts about why one should start using essential oils. I could thing about over 100 reasons for it but lets just stay with 15 right now.

imagesAR6MME71I will try to keep this very simple and answer the question from my experiences why you should choose to integrate essential oils in your daily routine. Here are the facts why I would write this article: I am using them daily almost 2 years now. I couldn’t imagine one single day without them, really, it’s like brushing your teeth… I study lots of scientific literature about essential oils and there is no end to that. I have it always in my purse and share it with people if they need help. I don’t have any medication at my home since I started to inform myself how one can choose the alternative but not esoteric way (I mean if something works, it can be explained by chemistry and science and not because of some spiritual dude was braging about…)  I discover new things every month and love to give the information for those who are interested. So here are the reasons why you should choose essential oils and begin to use them actively instead of only reading the information and putting it for “someday”.

1.       It is natural and ecologically friendly product for which your body will thank you.

2.       It is safe to use for you, your family members  and pets thanks to philosophy and quality requirements of young living.

3.       They are easy to use and could be taken everywhere.

4.       It improves your life in so many levels like health, beauty, spiritual, emotional, sensual etc.

5.       You may use it for massages, in SPA and for unique therapeutic procedures.

6.       It helps you with healthy shiny hear and safes you plenty of time in hair care. imagesN3FED7PQ

7.       Essential oils can help you solve so many different skin problems that I would need an extra page to write it down.

8.       They help you witch dental hygiene and bad breath.

9.       There is a hole list of different diseases which can be prevented and healed with essential oils.

10.   They are totally a must if you enjoy active sport and meditation.

11.   You get the compliment “wow you smell incredible” quit often. 

12.   You get the compliment “wow your home smells incredible” every time.

13.   The knowledge about essential oils is not new. It has thousands of years history and is not a fast hype which will pass. The Plants and chemistry are amazing and science is catching on this fast.  

14.   It is addictive in a good way and you will never regret if you will begin the journey in to the essential oils world of experience and wisdom. 5121195566_b4e8f5ca94_z

15. Essential oils are biologically active and work in the level of your cells. And yes they smell incredible and your limbic system knows best how to react to every single of them. 

Conclusion. We are all different people with different hobbies, characters and field of interests but from my experiences even the biggest sceptical is amazed when properly introduced to essential oils and the possibilities which they give you every time are overwhelming. So why choose essential oils? Because you have a choice and you should give it a chance. 


Healing bruises with essential oils

It’s been a while since I posted any new articles. I had extremely busy months and couldn’t sit down somewhere quietly to organize my thoughts and experiences. But hey, today is July and I have great summer coming up even if it means spending lots of time in libraries and writing my bachelor Thesis. I will visit London in August and stay there for one month, so I hope we can write lots of new articles with Ingrida together. There were many changes in our life in last six months but we also got new experiences with essential oils and exiting stories from people who are using them. I sure hope we will manage to put all those things online. berge1

One of my newest amazing moments was when I hurt my ankle bad last week while climbing the mountain. I live in Germany and love to go climbing if the weather allows it. But I also have a special talent to hurt one of my ankles almost every time I go down the hill. This is a disaster and I have no idea why I’m so successful at this… So when it happened again I got home and the ankle started swelling. I wondered if I should see the doctor because it looked quite bad. But it was not the first time for me and I had some bad injuries before so I’ve decided to leave it for few days and help myself with essential oils. I don’t say you shouldn’t consult the doctor if this happens. I just had lots of very similar injuries so I could say from pain level and moving opportunities that this was not so bad as it looked…

I had the injurie on Tuesday almost one week from now. I thought my leg will turn blue when the swelling is over but it didn’t happen. All this time I used a blend from Young Living called Pan Away. It is a strong blend against pain and is wonderful if you have spine or back pain problems. I should be open and tell that I don’t like the smell of it because it reminds me of medical pastes against pain in hospitals. You should also dilute it with any carrier oil and keep it away from children. I however didn’t dilute it and applied 4 drops 3 times a day directly to injured area. If I would have had an open wound it wouldn’t be possible for me to use it, because it can damage the skin. So never forget safety first, there are not so many essential oils which can be used on skin injuries directly.


  • abates pain and inflammation
  • may ease minor head tension
  • may relieve arthritic swelling
  • provides comforting warmth to overworked muscles
  • helps against muscle pain, bruising, cramps and spamspanaway

Because of my self-healing experiment in one week my leg looks fine, I didn’t get any blue bruises left, the swelling is over and I didn’t need any painkillers! So, if you’re climber or like any extreme sports which mostly end up with small injuries or you have back pain or any chronical pain which have something to do with muscles or ligaments then Pan away is a blend that you should keep near you. I had lots of positive experiences myself and heard wonderful stories from people who work with massage against chronical pain. There are many ways how we can help ourselves without using chemical treatment, which don’t get me wrong is there for us when we really need it and thanks for it to our doctors and medical specialist, but there are also alternative ways and everyone has a right to know about them.  Stay safe, watch out your step and if you have any questions contact me! I hope we all will have a great summer!berge2

Spring smells like patchouli!

Time passes and brings new ideas and smells in to my essential oil collection almost every month. This time I would like to introduce one of my favourite essential oils, which I discovered just before three weeks. This special oil gives a very delicate note to my beauty routine and I think will stay in my top 10 oil list for a longer time.

So what is so special about Patchouli essential oil? It has very strong musk smell and is also called the smell of the 60s. If you know anyone who took a part in Hippy movement of that time, they will recognize it without any explanations. Patchouli can mask and illuminate body odour and is used in perfume quit often. acoustic-guitar-487035_1280The Festivals of the flower children generation was filled with patchouli smell… So that’s the modern side of the story. It is also known as the smell of the Orient and this may be the thing which works so strong on me. Since I was a child I loved Indian culture and as teenager I spent lots of time in small India shops which were filled with different scents and aromas. When I opened the bottle of essential oil all those pleasant memories suddenly came back and my imagination was free to travel through them.

I ordered this oil because of other reasons actually. I read a lot and found out that this oil prevents hair loss and helps to regenerate skin cells. A real must have for those who like to make their own facial care products. My facial care is based on a carrier oil, like jojoba or coconut and some skin friendly essential oils like lavender, cedar wood, frankincense and few others. It was logical for me to get this one too, because I like to experiment a lot and try different combinations. In my opinion this is very aromatic, skin smoothing and revitalising essential oil which I apply every 3 or 4 days after the scrub or if I have any skin problem issues. You only need a few drops of patchouli and 4 drops of jojoba to have a perfect evening facial care or a revitalising after a longer party in the morning. It also can help with scars, acne or cracked skin.14684937375_a4e59e78a0_z

The other thing which you definitely must know about it, is that it helps to balance emotions and is a natural antidepressant for those who have mood shifting during the sprig period. This happens because the oil encourages the release of dopamine and serotonin, two powerful hormones, which are directly linked to our feeling of happiness and good mood. Speaking about hormones, Patchouli is known for hundreds of years as a natural aphrodisiac. The old wisdom is explained through modern science which found out that it boosts production of testosterone and oestrogen, the most important libido hormones. In this case patchouli could help with impotency and have an unexpected positive impact on intimate relationship.

If that wasn’t still enough, this essential oil is antifungal, boosts immune system, fights infections, works as bug repellent,fights fever etc. Wow, that’s a long list… From my experience, I can say that it works wonderful on my hair and skin. Try using it on hair tips after every wash for few weeks and you will see the results. Just massage 4-6 drops into wet hair, and I also guarantee that the smell stays all day long, so you will get lots of compliments on that. I also use it as night care for my face, neck and decollate especially after hot bath or sauna. Using it as natural Deo also worked quit well for me as well as a shoe spray. For shoe spray, you will need a small spray bottle 50 ml which you fill with alcohol and put 8 drops of patchouli. Spray the inside of leather shoes to avoid sweaty feet smell. If you dilute the same amount of oil with 100ml of water you will have unforgettable facial and refreshing spray which has place in every bag. orient

There are many ways how you can use it for skin care and wellness. Don’t hesitate asking questions or leaving comments under this post and if you would like to order it and be a part of my team follow the link below. I hope this was interesting and will open your horizon for further research. Enjoy spring and find your special smells to keep the sunny mood up!

Christmas cleaning routine

cleaning-routineEverything seems to be revolving around a few stereotypical things around Christmas – presents, decorations and Christmas trees. In reality there are more traditional things to do that are not talked about as much – cleaning for example. Oh yes, that’s something that takes time, nerves and money because there’s a feeling that one has to reorganize everything visible that doesn’t look perfect and clean all the dust in places ignored through the year. Have you ever thought how many chemical and potentially health unfriendly sprays, fluids and scrubs you use on that special day? You literally need gloves and a mouth mask to work with all those bacteria killing products, otherwise you will skin or lungs get irritated. There is one Young Living product, which solved this problem in our home. Thieves household cleaner is high concentrated liquid on the natural basis and essential oils which has to be dilutethieves-cleaner-kitd with water 1:30 or 1:15. So now I still have 3 or 4 bottles which I use differently like glass cleaner, bath cleaner, kitchen and so on but it is made from one product that is environmentally and health friendly and it smells great. The original Thieves bottle contains over 400ml so most you need for a strong cleaning spray is 1:15 which is basically a cup of water and about 10 to 20 ml of cleaner. It is very economical and will take you forever to finish it. To make it more effective you have to spray the dirty place and wait for 5 to 10 min – let thieves do their job. It works every time on any surface. I don’t use gloves the house is cleaned without any poisonous chemicals and I know if my rabbits will lick the floor after I cleaned it with thieves they will surely not have stomach problems afterwards (yes rabbits like to lick wet floor… don’t ask me why…). Here is a video on how to make 3 different cleaners using Thieves household cleaner:

A few other essential oils that I use in my cleaning routine are Lemon, Lavender and Purification. Normally I make a water spray from 100ml water, 5 drops lavender and 5 drops Lemon to spray the bedsheets, closets and kitchen corners. Purification in a spray form (50 ml water 5 drops purification) is useful to neutralise any unpleasant smells and a nice option to clean the air inside your room using a diffuser. It also keeps all uninvited insects away from your kitchen, so that’s the spray I use for all the areas where food is kept.

Before I found this product I was using nature and skin friendly cleaners but having only one product instead of 10 is so much easier and it safes me time which I had to invest to find the products and to read the ingredient list on every bottle because I actually care about my environment and health and I hate using gloves for cleaning or not to be able to work barefoot if I am rubbing the floor. I think these are the concerns for people with sensitive skin or those who have allergic reactions. Other important thing for me is safety. Having a few animals at home I have to be sure that the cleaner doesn’t influence their health in a bad way. Because let’s be honest, animals make a lot of mess and some are more sensitive than the others.

After all, the cleaning marathon before Christmas can be a little bit more pleasant when you put some Christmas music on and smell the pleasant aroma from a natural cleaner instead of breathing in the toxins from synthetically produced cleaners in weird looking colour fluids.

Fighting stress


December is a great month if you are not a student or a musician. I am very lucky to be both, but December is just one of those months when stress levels grow high and the days are getting shorter…First of all it’s difficult to wake up in the morning, because it’s dark and cold outside. I also have a100 things to plan for the day since the university deadlines are not going anywhere. At the end of the week, when most of my college students have a weekend to spend at a Christmas market I rehearse and play concerts with my college musicians and swoop… the week is gone. So things like Christmas shopping, long walks in the nature or just meeting friends for a coffee are the ones I try to squeeze in between the full schedule, colouring my calendar as an Easter egg.

Being active is a big part of my personality but it’s not always easy to get through the day when you are running from one appointment to another and barely have time for yourself. That’s where my essential oils step in to help. I will try to keep it short and clear how I use the oils during at stressful times.


  • If I have 10 spare minutes in the morning, I invest them in small SPA ritual with the oils. After showering I do not rub the skin dry with a towel instead I choose one of the skin friendly oils like Lavender, Cedar wood, Lime or Orange and apply about 5 drops on my wet skin from toes to shoulders and wait until the skin dries naturally. This is one of the most amazing things about mornings, which gives me a kick for the rest of day.
  • I always carry a bottle of Stress away or Lavender with me and take 3 minutes for myself between work activities to put a drop on my hands, cover the nose like a shell and breathe deeply. It’s like small meditation just much more affective. It calms me down in seconds and I can a new task with a clear mind. stressaway
  • Concentration problems are the worst when you have to learn fast and stay focused. Here I use a dew drop diffuser if I’m home or a USB diffuser if I’m working from my computer in the city. My favourites here are Rosemary and Peppermint. Both are lifting your concentration up and refresh your mind when you need your brain cells and they need a vacation…
  • At the End of the day you need to shut those thoughts that are spinning like a roller-coaster at some point because even the most active people needs they’re sleep. The evening ritual for me is leaving the window open for at least 30 minutes. After that you put your radiator on and leave the room with a dew drop diffuser for some time. If you don’t have one you can make a DIY spray with water and Lavender and spray it on your bed sheets and carpet. In the mean time I rub my shoulders and neck with 2 drops essential oils (diluted with a coconut oil) which helps to lower the tension of the day. My evening oils are mostly Pine, Thyme or Bergamot. I do the same procedure with my feet. After those short and relaxing procedures I enter my bedroom, which is then turned, into a warm lavender field (thanks to the diffuser) and you are ready for a good night sleep. For an extra relaxing experience you can rub lavender on to your palms, put them over your mouth and nose and breathe deeply until your mind calms down. 6885710952_5503aca226_o

I always joke about my secret drug when my friends see my small blue essential oil bag that I carry with me everywhere. These are little helpers, which make my December so much easier. So stay relaxed and try to find some time for yourselves during the Christmas season because every minute counts.




10 wichtige und interessante Fakten über ätherische Öle

1. Therapeutische ätherische Öle haben kein Ablaufdatum, wenn sie richtig gelagert werden.

2. Sie sollten die Öle nicht über 90 Grad erhitzen, weil sie dadurch die aromatischen Eigenschaften und therapeutische Wirkung verlieren. 

3. . Wenn Sie DIY Sprays oder spezielle Beauty-Produkte mit ÄÖ selbst herstellen achten Sie darauf, dass sie diese immer im Glas-Container oder Flaschen aufbewahren. Die unverdünnten ätherischen Öle können bestimmte Arten von Plastik bei hoher Konzentration zersetzen und die Giftstoffe frei setzen. Dies kann das Öl gefährden und ihr Produkt gesundheitsschädlich machen. 15153135_10154173176737198_491547952_o

4. Wenn Sie die Öle auf Ihrer Haut anwenden, vergessen Sie nicht die Trägeröle immer mit zu haben. Sollten Sie irgendwelche Irritationen auf ihrer Haut fühlen erhöhen Sie den Anteil des Basis Öls für ihre Mischung. Die meisten ÄÖ müssen verdünnt werden bevor sie die Haut kontaktieren. Ein ganz wichtiger Punkt ist zu beachten: wenn Sie ÄÖ mit Wasser vermischen steigert sich die Wirkung auf ihrer Haut. Das heißt, wenn Sie Reizungen haben hilft es nicht die Haut abzuwaschen, es wird nur noch stärker ausschlagen. Auf der anderen Seite kann dieses Wissen richtig nützlich sein, wenn Sie bestimmte DIY Body-Sprays aus zwei Zutaten – Wasser und ÄÖ – zusammenstellen wollen. Probieren Sie die Pfefferminze + Lavendel Spray für heiße Sommer Tage. Diese Kombination half mir vielmals die Hitze zu bekämpfen.

5. Alle Zitrusöle wie Zitrone, Orange, Limette usw. reagieren mit dem Sonnenlicht. Deswegen sollten Sie die Anwendung dieser Öle vermeiden, wenn Sie einige Stunden draußen in der Sonne verbringen wollen.

15183925_10154173176047198_42201918_o6. Die Trägeröle sind sehr wichtig für die Aromatherapie und können sich in der Qualität unterscheiden. Einige Öle können schneller absorbiert werden als andere. Zum Beispiel Shea Butter ist für Ihre Lippen großartig und kann dabei helfen, Ihre Haut vor Kälte und Wind im Winter zu schützen. Der Nachteil ist, dass es sich ein bisschen schwer anfühlt und für lange Zeit auf der Oberfläche Ihrer Haut bleibt. Jojoba Öl eignet sich sehr gut für alle Gesichtsrituale, weil es keinen glänzenden Effekt hinterlässt und sehr schnell von der Haut absorbiert wird. Das universellste Öl, das ich auch am meisten verwende, ist Kokosöl. Es hat einen sehr angenehmen Geruch und hat viele Vorteile für Ihre Haut und Haare.

7. ÄÖ sind flüchtige Produkte und bleiben in Ihrem Körper für etwa 48 Stunden. In dieser Zeit können sie ihre psychologischen und physischen Körperprozesse auf eine sehr positive Art und Weise beeinflussen.

8. Einige Öle können Ihnen helfen, die Konzentration hoch zu halten (Minze, Rosmarin), andere haben eine entspannende und beruhigende Wirkung (Lavendel). Einige können sehr hilfreich sein, um Muskelschmerzen nach der sportlichen Belastung zu lindern (Wintergreen, Basilikum) und einige sind sehr freundlich gegenüber dem Hormonsystem, wegen ihrer Fähigkeit, Hormon Levels zu beeinflussen und auszugleichen (Salbei, Thymian, Sandelholz).

9. Die Haare haben eine ganz besondere Eigenschaft die Gerüche absorbieren und tragen können. Eine meiner Lieblingsmethoden für die Anwendung der ÄÖ ist einfach sie leicht in die nassen Haare einzumassieren. 15184015_10154173176692198_1458417860_o

10. Jeder von uns ist anders. So werden Sie immer bestimmte Öle finden die Sie lieben und einige, die Sie hassen werden. Manche Öle können sehr unangenehm im Geruch empfunden werden, auch wenn wir wissen, wie gut Sie für unser Wohlbefinden sein könnten oder, dass sie generell von anderen Menschen sehr geschätzt werden. Dies geschieht wegen unserem limbischen System und seiner Funktion, verschiedene Informationen wie Geruch, Erinnerungen und Emotionen zu verknüpfen (überprüfen Sie diesen Link für die vollständige Erklärung über limbic System: Versuchen Sie, Ihre Favoriten zu finden, weil diese ihre Laune nach oben springen lassen können, indem Sie einfach die Nachricht ans Gehirn senden, dass alles wieder gut wird! Der Geruch kann Sie zurück in die Zeit mit den angenehmen Erinnerungen reisen lassen oder mit positiven Assoziationen umgeben. Das ist etwas, wofür Sie sehr dankbar werden, weil die meisten von uns  in einem so schnell verändernden Umfeld leben und täglich mit dem Stress  umengehen müssen. Einiges steht fest, wenn Sie ein regnerischen Tag mit bösen Wolken erwischen, tragen Sie den Sonnenschein mit sich in der Tasche und atmen Sie jederzeit ruhig ein.

Conversations about hair. Coconut + essential oil mask

We girls have our haircare routines, which can generally be very different. It of course depends on the type of your hair. Some like to invest a lot of time and money and the other ones (that would be both of us) don’t have time for it all and just try to keep it short and simple. Something else crucial is to keep the routine natural and as chemical free a possible.


MU: My hair has natural locks, which sound like fun, but in reality it cost me a lot of nerves when they were longer. At some point I just decided to cut them because it was taking way too much time. Now I’m growing them back because of my experience with essential oils. It helps me keep my hair in shape all the time. I’ve reached the point when I wake up and don’t even have to check them in the mirror before I go out. Sounds too good to be true but it actually works for me.My first rule is – never use a hairdryer (even in winter).

IU: Completely agree to no hairdryer rule if I’m going for a messy a little curly a lot of ingrida-summer-hair-city-hairvolume looks but I do use it just a bit if I feel like having straight hair. I’d rub a few drops of lavender and massage a few drops of lemon before drying.

MU: My second rule – I use DIY hair mask from 2 simple ingredients Coconut oil and 5-10 drops of essential oil 2 to 4 times a month. It’s easier to apply the oils on if the hair is wet so I just touch it with some water before applying it and keep the mask on depending on the situation from 2 to 24 hours. Afterwards I just wash my hair and let it dry naturally. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to put the mask on and it can stay on your hair as long as you want. Fast and simple method which always works if you need your hare to look spectacular for some special event and don’t want to stay hours standing before the mirror… I hate that.

IU: Sometimes I like keeping it on for a couple of days – coconut and lavender is a fantastic combo during the beach holiday.

MU: My favourite combination for the mask is Rosemary and Lemon, which also gives you an energising effect as well as could be effective dealing with hair loss but also try switching it around with Tea Tree + Orange, Lemon + Sage, Bergamot + Lavender.

IU: Yes! Experiment with different oils. Sage + Lemon is my absolute favourite but then I tend to add lemon to any combination I make, seems like it brings out the highlights. I never dyed my hair but I noticed putting a few drops of it especially in the summer makes my hair look a few shades lighter and shinier.

Also, a great way of choosing a combination for a hair mask is thinking about effect the oil has on the hair as well as the emotional state. For example I’d go for lavender in the evening to calm me down before sleep and rosemary or sage in the morning if I needed to concentrate. Double dip!

IMU: What do you do? We would love to hear more about your experiences, recipes and ideas! So leave a comment below and take good care of your precious hair!

Coconut essential oil hair mask copy.jpglavander-rosmary-orange

10 important interesting things about essential oils

1. Therapeutic grade essential oils have no expiration date if they are stored well.

2. You should never heat up the oils over 90 C because they lose aromatic and therapeutic benefits.

3. If you make DIY sprays or any beauty products with EO always keep them in a glass containers. Undiluted essential oils can break down specific types of plastic at high concentrations. This may compromise the oil, and may cause leakage.


4. When putting the oils on your skin always have a carrier oil with you if you should feel any irritation. Most of EO should be diluted before applying them. Mixing EO with water will enhance the effect on your skin, so that’s actually really useful if you are considering making DIY body spray with two ingredients – water and EO. Try out the Peppermint + Lavender spray for hot summer days it helped me fight the heat many times.

5. All citrus essential oils like Lemon, Orange, Lime etc. react to sunlight so you should avoid applying these oils on your skin if you are going to spent some time outside in the sun.

6. Carrier oils are very important for Aromatherapy and can differ in quality. Some oils can be absorbed faster than the others. For example Shea butter is great for your lips and can help protect your skin from cold and wind in winter but it feels a bit heavy and stays on your skin for a long time. Jojoba is great for all face skin procedures because it doesn’t leave a shiny effect and is absorbed quit fast. The most universal oil which I use a lot is coconut oil. It has a very pleasant smell and is great for your skin and hair.

7. Essential oils are volatile products and stay in your body for about 48 hours during which they can influence psychological and physical processes in a positive way.

8. Some oils can increase your concentration levels (Peppermint, Rosemary), others have relaxing and soothing effects (Lavender). Some are great to deal with muscle pain after workout (Wintergreen, Basil) and some are helpful for our hormone system because of their ability to influence hormone levels and to balance them (Sage, Thyme, Sandalwood).  15183925_10154173176047198_42201918_o

9. Your hair is great when it comes to absorbing and carrying the smell so one of my favourite methods for using EO is simply rubbing them in to slightly wet hair.

10. Everyone is different so there will always be oils you love and some which you won’t. Some oils can be very unpleasant even if we know how good they are supposed to be for us.This happens because of our limbic system and its function to connect different information like smell, memories and emotions (check this link for full explanation about limbic system: ) Try to find your favourites because they can lift you up by simply sending the message to your brain that everything is going great! The smell can bring you back in time for pleasant memories or surround you with positive associations and that’s something you are going to be thankful for because most of us live in such fast changing environment and have to deal with stress daily. So if you are having a rainy day, carry your sunshine in your bag or pocket and breathe it in at anytime.  15184015_10154173176692198_1458417860_o