About Ingrida


I live in a huge cosmopolitan city of London where I find myself spending most of my time in Notting hill – my favourite bit of the city. In this small village in the middle of the city in a house with a blue door I try to find the balance between a vibrant city and nature.

I’ve always been drawn to the world of art and city life provides me the opportunity of being surrounded by culture whether that would be small galleries, big museums, inspirational architecture or small independent cinemas. It has also been vital in my studies that combined fine art, film and communication. On the other hand being a city girl made me realise how fond I am of all things natural and so I spend my Saturday mornings at a farmers market, just one day a week pretending to live in mountain village by the sea.


About Monika


I live in a tiny mountain village in Germany called Bayerisch Gmain, which is just a 10-minute walk away from a border with Austria. I spend most of my time in the famous city of music – Salzburg. It’s rich musical history brought me there as a student and kept me as a professional musician. I participate in various orchestral and chamber music projects as a professional viola player, however my main focus is the science of musicology and dance and I am continuing my education in the field at the University of Salzburg.

You will be seeing a lot of pictures of me with the mountains and provincial views, as I love to spend my free time in the nature, doing sports and going for long walks or alternatively attending various cultural events in Salzburg.