Spring smells like patchouli!

Time passes and brings new ideas and smells in to my essential oil collection almost every month. This time I would like to introduce one of my favourite essential oils, which I discovered just before three weeks. This special oil gives a very delicate note to my beauty routine and I think will stay in my top 10 oil list for a longer time.

So what is so special about Patchouli essential oil? It has very strong musk smell and is also called the smell of the 60s. If you know anyone who took a part in Hippy movement of that time, they will recognize it without any explanations. Patchouli can mask and illuminate body odour and is used in perfume quit often. acoustic-guitar-487035_1280The Festivals of the flower children generation was filled with patchouli smell… So that’s the modern side of the story. It is also known as the smell of the Orient and this may be the thing which works so strong on me. Since I was a child I loved Indian culture and as teenager I spent lots of time in small India shops which were filled with different scents and aromas. When I opened the bottle of essential oil all those pleasant memories suddenly came back and my imagination was free to travel through them.

I ordered this oil because of other reasons actually. I read a lot and found out that this oil prevents hair loss and helps to regenerate skin cells. A real must have for those who like to make their own facial care products. My facial care is based on a carrier oil, like jojoba or coconut and some skin friendly essential oils like lavender, cedar wood, frankincense and few others. It was logical for me to get this one too, because I like to experiment a lot and try different combinations. In my opinion this is very aromatic, skin smoothing and revitalising essential oil which I apply every 3 or 4 days after the scrub or if I have any skin problem issues. You only need a few drops of patchouli and 4 drops of jojoba to have a perfect evening facial care or a revitalising after a longer party in the morning. It also can help with scars, acne or cracked skin.14684937375_a4e59e78a0_z

The other thing which you definitely must know about it, is that it helps to balance emotions and is a natural antidepressant for those who have mood shifting during the sprig period. This happens because the oil encourages the release of dopamine and serotonin, two powerful hormones, which are directly linked to our feeling of happiness and good mood. Speaking about hormones, Patchouli is known for hundreds of years as a natural aphrodisiac. The old wisdom is explained through modern science which found out that it boosts production of testosterone and oestrogen, the most important libido hormones. In this case patchouli could help with impotency and have an unexpected positive impact on intimate relationship.

If that wasn’t still enough, this essential oil is antifungal, boosts immune system, fights infections, works as bug repellent,fights fever etc. Wow, that’s a long list… From my experience, I can say that it works wonderful on my hair and skin. Try using it on hair tips after every wash for few weeks and you will see the results. Just massage 4-6 drops into wet hair, and I also guarantee that the smell stays all day long, so you will get lots of compliments on that. I also use it as night care for my face, neck and decollate especially after hot bath or sauna. Using it as natural Deo also worked quit well for me as well as a shoe spray. For shoe spray, you will need a small spray bottle 50 ml which you fill with alcohol and put 8 drops of patchouli. Spray the inside of leather shoes to avoid sweaty feet smell. If you dilute the same amount of oil with 100ml of water you will have unforgettable facial and refreshing spray which has place in every bag. orient

There are many ways how you can use it for skin care and wellness. Don’t hesitate asking questions or leaving comments under this post and if you would like to order it and be a part of my team follow the link below. I hope this was interesting and will open your horizon for further research. Enjoy spring and find your special smells to keep the sunny mood up!


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