Christmas cleaning routine

cleaning-routineEverything seems to be revolving around a few stereotypical things around Christmas – presents, decorations and Christmas trees. In reality there are more traditional things to do that are not talked about as much – cleaning for example. Oh yes, that’s something that takes time, nerves and money because there’s a feeling that one has to reorganize everything visible that doesn’t look perfect and clean all the dust in places ignored through the year. Have you ever thought how many chemical and potentially health unfriendly sprays, fluids and scrubs you use on that special day? You literally need gloves and a mouth mask to work with all those bacteria killing products, otherwise you will skin or lungs get irritated. There is one Young Living product, which solved this problem in our home. Thieves household cleaner is high concentrated liquid on the natural basis and essential oils which has to be dilutethieves-cleaner-kitd with water 1:30 or 1:15. So now I still have 3 or 4 bottles which I use differently like glass cleaner, bath cleaner, kitchen and so on but it is made from one product that is environmentally and health friendly and it smells great. The original Thieves bottle contains over 400ml so most you need for a strong cleaning spray is 1:15 which is basically a cup of water and about 10 to 20 ml of cleaner. It is very economical and will take you forever to finish it. To make it more effective you have to spray the dirty place and wait for 5 to 10 min – let thieves do their job. It works every time on any surface. I don’t use gloves the house is cleaned without any poisonous chemicals and I know if my rabbits will lick the floor after I cleaned it with thieves they will surely not have stomach problems afterwards (yes rabbits like to lick wet floor… don’t ask me why…). Here is a video on how to make 3 different cleaners using Thieves household cleaner:

A few other essential oils that I use in my cleaning routine are Lemon, Lavender and Purification. Normally I make a water spray from 100ml water, 5 drops lavender and 5 drops Lemon to spray the bedsheets, closets and kitchen corners. Purification in a spray form (50 ml water 5 drops purification) is useful to neutralise any unpleasant smells and a nice option to clean the air inside your room using a diffuser. It also keeps all uninvited insects away from your kitchen, so that’s the spray I use for all the areas where food is kept.

Before I found this product I was using nature and skin friendly cleaners but having only one product instead of 10 is so much easier and it safes me time which I had to invest to find the products and to read the ingredient list on every bottle because I actually care about my environment and health and I hate using gloves for cleaning or not to be able to work barefoot if I am rubbing the floor. I think these are the concerns for people with sensitive skin or those who have allergic reactions. Other important thing for me is safety. Having a few animals at home I have to be sure that the cleaner doesn’t influence their health in a bad way. Because let’s be honest, animals make a lot of mess and some are more sensitive than the others.

After all, the cleaning marathon before Christmas can be a little bit more pleasant when you put some Christmas music on and smell the pleasant aroma from a natural cleaner instead of breathing in the toxins from synthetically produced cleaners in weird looking colour fluids.

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