Fighting stress


December is a great month if you are not a student or a musician. I am very lucky to be both, but December is just one of those months when stress levels grow high and the days are getting shorter…First of all it’s difficult to wake up in the morning, because it’s dark and cold outside. I also have a100 things to plan for the day since the university deadlines are not going anywhere. At the end of the week, when most of my college students have a weekend to spend at a Christmas market I rehearse and play concerts with my college musicians and swoop… the week is gone. So things like Christmas shopping, long walks in the nature or just meeting friends for a coffee are the ones I try to squeeze in between the full schedule, colouring my calendar as an Easter egg.

Being active is a big part of my personality but it’s not always easy to get through the day when you are running from one appointment to another and barely have time for yourself. That’s where my essential oils step in to help. I will try to keep it short and clear how I use the oils during at stressful times.


  • If I have 10 spare minutes in the morning, I invest them in small SPA ritual with the oils. After showering I do not rub the skin dry with a towel instead I choose one of the skin friendly oils like Lavender, Cedar wood, Lime or Orange and apply about 5 drops on my wet skin from toes to shoulders and wait until the skin dries naturally. This is one of the most amazing things about mornings, which gives me a kick for the rest of day.
  • I always carry a bottle of Stress away or Lavender with me and take 3 minutes for myself between work activities to put a drop on my hands, cover the nose like a shell and breathe deeply. It’s like small meditation just much more affective. It calms me down in seconds and I can a new task with a clear mind. stressaway
  • Concentration problems are the worst when you have to learn fast and stay focused. Here I use a dew drop diffuser if I’m home or a USB diffuser if I’m working from my computer in the city. My favourites here are Rosemary and Peppermint. Both are lifting your concentration up and refresh your mind when you need your brain cells and they need a vacation…
  • At the End of the day you need to shut those thoughts that are spinning like a roller-coaster at some point because even the most active people needs they’re sleep. The evening ritual for me is leaving the window open for at least 30 minutes. After that you put your radiator on and leave the room with a dew drop diffuser for some time. If you don’t have one you can make a DIY spray with water and Lavender and spray it on your bed sheets and carpet. In the mean time I rub my shoulders and neck with 2 drops essential oils (diluted with a coconut oil) which helps to lower the tension of the day. My evening oils are mostly Pine, Thyme or Bergamot. I do the same procedure with my feet. After those short and relaxing procedures I enter my bedroom, which is then turned, into a warm lavender field (thanks to the diffuser) and you are ready for a good night sleep. For an extra relaxing experience you can rub lavender on to your palms, put them over your mouth and nose and breathe deeply until your mind calms down. 6885710952_5503aca226_o

I always joke about my secret drug when my friends see my small blue essential oil bag that I carry with me everywhere. These are little helpers, which make my December so much easier. So stay relaxed and try to find some time for yourselves during the Christmas season because every minute counts.




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