Therapeutic grade Essential Oils

It is easy to loose oneself in an essential oil market. The range of information and oil supply is vast and it can be difficult to choose and more importantly to fully evaluate the differences in quality. The price range is huge, a bottle of Melissa online could cost you from 5£ to 180£. So what are the differences between them, why should you pay more for the bottle same size and what are the consequences of choosing the cheaper one?

Main advice if you are using oils – use only the best quality ones. There are 4 types of essential oils on the market today:essential_oil_pyramid-copy

  • Therapeutic-grade essential oils
  • Natural and certified oils
  • Enriched or adulterated (perfume grade)
  • Synthetic (manufactured in the laboratory)


Synthetic oils are widely used purely because they are much cheaper, they have no therapeutic effect and could even be harmful in some cases. Perfume grade oils can be adulterated and contain chemicals. Both of the two previous types can be sold in convenience stores (even the healthy ones), drugstores and souvenir shops.  The “natural” and “organic” oils are distilled from the plants grown in a natural environment without chemicals, which is a huge step up compared to synthetic, and perfume grade ones. However, there are two problems there. Firstly, terms ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ are used very loosely these days and are not an indicator anymore; secondly it does not tell us anything about the distillation process which is crucial in extracting all the right compounds. All of the above make up most of essential oil market.6127562625_288796a9d6_o

23145184734_d998e47760_oLastly, the smallest category is Therapeutic grade. Whenever we talk about essential oils we refer to therapeutic oils which are pure, medical, steam-distilled, contain all desired therapeutic ingredients. They are highest quality, safe and can bring benefits to your health and wellness.

There are a few companies that offer therapeutic essential oils and researching your source is a must. Inform yourself well before buying the product. We use Young Living because of it’s open company policy (everyone can visit their farms and have a first hand experience) and strict controls on the production and “Seed to Seal” process.

Everything what we are going to write on this Blog is based on our positive experiences that inspire us and is bringing joy to us every day.

Let’s take a deep breath.


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