How to get the smell of Rio back

I had a great opportunity to visit Rio in the Summer of 2007. I went on a concert tour with lots of amazing memories which I still carry with me. One of those is a smell and taste of raw papaya… So as you can imagine it’s almost impossible to get these fruits ripe enough in Europe but I still risk from time to time and then leave them on my window for days hoping they would ripe…

Last time I opened one that was pretty sweet and juicy inside it was on a cold morning  and the first snow was already outside.. I really needed that warm memory of Rio back to get the kick for the day… So I came up with idea of putting 2 drops of Citrus Fresh oil blend on the fruit. It was the last element to bring the exact feeling and taste of Copa Cabana in to my room!

I think that’s a perfect flavour to add to my fresh fruit salad. The taste depends a lot from the smell and the taste of the oil blend is really refreshing in the morning added to a glass of water. How does the smell of Brazilian summer go with the snowy mountain panorama? Well…

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